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Our Story

 The Streblow family has lived in the Minnesota River Valley for four generations - soon to be five.       In that time, they have had countless children, started countable businesses, and maintained a near-universal sense of humor and entrepreneurship. This particular business is owned and operated by Joshua and Randi Streblow, their nine children, and son-in-law Bradley Torberson. 

  In the midst of a wide variety of business endeavors, Joshua and Randi decided that they wanted their children to experience fully the benefit of the small acreage they had grown up on. Chickens, dogs and pigs made their way on and off the property for several years before Streblow Family Farm became in an entity in 2018. Only a year later, in September of 2019, they purchased Carl's Bakery from Tom & Laurie Aus, a bakery in beautiful downtown Granite Falls that had been in operation since 1957. The entire family is employed there on some level, and it frequently functions as a storefront and mouthpiece for our farm operations. 

  While the product catalog, infrastructure, and methods have changed and morphed over the years, our mission since the beginning, both as a family and as small business owners, has remained the same - to be God's stewards on the land, raising good food and good children, for the benefit of ourselves and our local community. 

  • Joshua & Randi Streblow
    Joshua & Randi Streblow
    Owners, Parents, & Responsible for This Whole Thing
  • Isaiah Streblow
    Isaiah Streblow
    Baker & Office Guy
  • Ariana Streblow
    Ariana Streblow
    Herbalist, Photographer, and Bakery Manager
  • Bradley & Julia Torberson
    Bradley & Julia Torberson
    Dairy & Farm Manager, Animal Care Specialist | Wife, Baker & Dog Breeder
  • Kara Streblow
    Kara Streblow
    Farm & Bakery Manager
  • Lenora Streblow
    Lenora Streblow
    Social Media & Bakery Manager
  • Ezra Streblow
    Ezra Streblow
    Dairyman & Farm Organizer
  • Judah Streblow
    Judah Streblow
    Pig Keeper & Mechanic
  • Havalah Streblow
    Havalah Streblow
    Chore Helper & Egg Gatherer
  • Fiona Streblow
    Fiona Streblow
    Chore Helper & Cat Manager