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From Rustic to Industrial

Traditional arts and crafts are something we've done for ourselves as a family for multiple generations - and now we're doing it for you, on a piece-by-piece basis. More coming soon!

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Saw Blades

Julia Torberson refinishes saw blades of various kinds with paintings of various kinds.

Chalkboard Art

Ariana Streblow has done galleries and events in her unique style of chalkboard art.

Pipe Lamps

Isaiah Streblow builds light fixtures out of pipe fittings, Mason jars, found objects, and whatever's handy.

Cutting Boards

Dale Streblow, a veteran artist and woodworker, crafts gallery-quality cutting boards from a variety of hardwoods, in his unique and maverick style.


Matt & Kaylyn Dwyer, owners of Golden Era Farms, produce natural and earthy candles from their homestead. We're pleased to be able to partner with them here,

And More!

We're always trying new things...and the odds are good that you can learn about those experiments on this website in the future!