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We're raising your next meal.

Savory sausage, raw milk, fresh eggs - we can give you the best breakfast you've ever had.

✔ Local      ✔  Natural       ✔ Really, Really Good

July 2024 Farm Tour - Register Soon!

Learn about regenerative ag, see our farm in action, and enjoy a hearty farm meal on July 13th, 4:00 PM.

How To Get It

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Sign up to our site to view pickup times and locations near you. Browse an ever-changing array of lovingly raised and crafted products, and learn more about who we are and what we do.

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3 Pay Us a Visit

We only offer shipping for some of our products - raw milk is only available on the farm, and for some items we have drop points for our customers to use, but we always welcome visitors to the farm. Find an option that works best for you!


Who You're Getting It From

Well, we're the Streblow family, and from the left, we are - Isaiah, Lenora, Havalah, Joshua and Randi, Julia and Bradley Torberson, Fiona, Kara, Ariana, Ezra, and Judah. But that's just the order of the people in the picture. 

That doesn't even begin to tell you who we really are, though. A question we can't possibly answer with a testimonial blurb at the bottom of our website. To become passingly acquainted with our identity as a family and as a business (now multiple businesses), read more here. To catch a glimpse of it working in action, enjoy this documentary produced by PBS' award-winning Postcards team. Or, and this is the best option yet, come visit us in person!

Other People Who Got It (and Liked It)

We are so blessed to have gotten one of your puppies and she definitely has won all our hearts. From the visit at your farm I knew from meeting her parents and the other dogs how much she was a fit for our farm. She loves her goats and her human people.
Sonya Erdmann
Great job! Keep up the wonderful work you do for Granite Falls!
Muriel Andersen