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My name is Lenora and I am the fifth oldest of the Streblow family. I am eleven. We had a surprise on April 16th. Our puppy, Garbanzo, was born along with his two brothers. He cuddles with cats and he mingles with the chickens. One of the things he inherited from his mother is eating chicken feed. He is also a great herd dog. Something he inherited from his father is always wanting to play, and also being very protective of his food. He will follow me anywhere and play with my skirt. Some of his faults are wandering with his mother and barking if he doesn't get his own way. But we all are glad to have him and he is lots of fun.

Broilers And Rabbits

I am Julia, the third to eldest in our family, and fourteen years old. I take care of the broilers (our meat birds) and our Californian rabbits. We recently got 325 newborn broilers. Most of them are Red Rangers and the rest are Cornish Cross. At the moment, they are living in one of our coops under our Ohio brooders. These are big wooden box-shaped shelters with heat lamps under them. As soon as they can live in grass without getting lost in it, we will move them to the pasture. My older brother, Isaiah, and I will move them once or twice a day.

Turkeys And Ducks

My name is Kara, and I'm the fourth oldest in our family, thirteen years old. I take care of our turkeys and ducks. We currently have ten turkeys and ten ducks. I enjoy working with the turkeys very much. They dwell with the sheep in a large fenced area, where they wander about, eating grass and bugs. I also give them some grain. They are very friendly poultry, and they always run over when I come into their pen, making soft, cricket-like chirps. They have a funny side-to-side gait, and like to flap their wings a bit as they run. The ducks, however, are very different. We keep them in a pond, where they are very content. But when I go to give them food, they always make sure to stay on the opposite side of the pond from me. But I love to watch them swim. They like to stick in a group as they swim, turning around or going forward as one.