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In an effort to meet demand for customers with gluten-sensitive diets, we've developed a number of products made with gluten-free ingredients. NOTE: THESE PRODUCTS ARE NOT CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE. Anyone with severe gluten allergies should NOT consume these products. They are made with gluten-free ingredients, but in a facility that processes a significant amount of wheat flour, and as such are not allergen-free.

They are, however, excellent if you're looking to lessen the amount of gluten in your diet, or struggle with gluten-heavy products.

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Our 'Grass-Raised' meat has spent much of its time on our pastures; in the case of chicken or other poultry, nearly their entire growing cycle, and in the case of cattle and other ruminants, as much time as possible within the year. Our pastures are healthy, green, and full of life; they have a tremendous effect on the animals raised on them, and the animals, in turn, work wonders on the soil and grasses of the pastures, given careful and conscious management. 

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Raised on Non-GMO Feed

NOTE: THESE PRODUCTS ARE NOT CERTIFIED NON-GMO (with the exception of any wheat flour we sell, which is, by default, completely non-GMO). We use non-GMO feed, sourced from a custom local supplier we trust and recommend, K Creek Ranch. However, we are not certified at this time, and our pigs are fed scraps from our bakery, which may contain small amounts of GMO ingredients. Certain processed meat products may also contain small amounts of GMO ingredients.

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Carefully Sourced

When we offer something for sale that we can't fully produce ourselves, such as bulk flour, we go to great lengths to ensure that what we offer is high-quality and consistent with our first principles as a family and a business.

Everything we sell here, we use, professionally and personally, and comes with our recommendation and support.

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One-Day Shipping

These products are available for one-day shipping in a wide region - if you've created an account on the site, you should have received a prompt to enter your zip code. If your zip code is within our shipping region, great! If not, we're sorry we're unable to get our product to you - we hope to be able to in the future.

All our shipping is done via SpeeDee, and is guaranteed to arrive frozen within 30 hours of being picked up from our farm.

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Our hogs are the only thing within this category - but it's important to us that it's clear to you, our customers, that we care about raising hogs the way God intended. The pigs of Streblow Family Farm have spent every single day of their life on soil, healthy soil, from farrow to finish; they have rooted and tilled it with their powerful noses and obtained invaluable nutrition from the dirt they live on.

We do not ring our hogs, for this reason - we believe hogs should be allowed to root, after their design, and the quality of our pork should reflect that.

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